#49 Kickstart the Cure


Shane joins Tom to talk about a Kickstarter he recently launched for a full length documentary on floating. Judging by his prior work, he will definitely deliver a quality product that we all will benefit from. Tom gets a quick lesson in how Kickstarter works as far as funding goes, and quickly compares it to an 80's movie he saw. Quick catch up with Tom and Shane personally, and then we review some changes that Shane made to the Tent and discuss titles for the Documentary. 


New epsiode next week....Part 1 of the expansion series. 

#48 Old Stories lead to New News


Tom and Hardy drop in the let you know they are still alive, and deliver some big news. Tom also sheds some light on some aspects of his home office that he has never addressed before. People who have listened from the beginning will appreciate this one. 

The Float Conference is coming up and Tom has entered in to be a Guest Speaker. It'd mean the world if you could vote for him! We ask that only those who are attending the conference vote. 

#47 Off the Rails


Tom and Hardy get you up to date on some personal things and the changes that are going on. "Blue" is in the house! 

#46 Hardy and Halcyon


Keri, from Halcyon Floats in Philly, joins Hardy and Tom to talk about her beginnings in floating, owning 2 centers and the desperate need for making time for yourself. This was a long time coming, and we thank Keri for joining us!

#45 Dominic’s Amazing 90 Days


Dominic joins Tom and Hardy, to discuss the tremendous impact floating has had 
on him, and his entire life. In a span of about 90 days, Dominic has created 
enough artwork to fill an entire art gallery. He knows this because he has
been invited to show his work at a gallery, and has so much that he will take 
some of the pieces and put them in a book that he is publishing. This is from
someone who, prior to their first float on October 1st, had never completed
a single piece in his life. 

This is probably one of my favorite stories I have heard regarding floating directly
changing a persons life. I feel very honored it happened at The Float Place.

~stay salty~ 

#44: The Running Suit Guy


Tom and Hardy are joined by Chris, The Running Suit Guy. Chris runs marathons, and other long distance events, wearing a full suit. We are talking slacks, button up, a top hat, and dress shoes. Dress shoes for 26.2 Miles? I barely made it through prom.

Chris talks about how his float helped him after running in his latest race, why he does what he does, and the kind of reactions he gets from spectators and fans.

Email us with any questions or comments or any feedback at all... [email protected]

#43: The Freeze Response


David, owner of NeuroFitness Wellness-Center, joins us to talk about the different types of treatment he offers. His center will be expanding soon to offer more floating areas, as well as focusing on rehabilitation after traumatic physical or mental experiences. 

If you would like to join us on the podcast, email us at [email protected]

#42: 3 Dudes Busy with Nothing


Matt works at The Float Place, and joins Hardy and Tom to talk about what floating has done for him, what he sees from clients coming out of tanks, and how he ended up here. He is quickly finding out that time is the most precious commodity. Thanks to the San Francisco Salt Company and FloatationLocations.com, for their support! Stay Salty ya'll.

#41: Float On and On


Ashkahn and Graham, from Float On, join Hardy and Tom to discuss some background details of the float conference, their software Float Helm, and starting a business with friends, that you also live with.

If you would like to be on The Floatcast to talk about your center, or tanks, or float, or pretty much anything Float related, Email us at [email protected]

#40: The Tom and Hardy Show


Tom and Hardy, discuss their new partnership and what's it like to run a center. We share our favorite parts of owning a center, as well as our least favorite parts. There is excess in the world!

If you would like to be a guest on the show, Email us at [email protected]

#39: Shane Stott…The Author


Shane joins us again, to talk about the upcoming release of his book. He wrote this book to spread information about the benefits of floating, and went even further by giving one to everyone that is going to the conference. To hear how he went even further than that, have a listen.

Cheers to Shane!

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, email us at [email protected]


#38: Offer a Choice


Tom gives an update on things at the new center. Changing booking software, moving tanks, and building rooms. Don't always do what you're told.

Email us at [email protected] if you would like to be a guest on the podcast. New episode up tomorrow with Shane Stott!

#37: Go With Your Gut


The big news is finally revealed! Tom gives some details of the expansion, and explains the one thing that got him here.

#36: The Northern Pod


Chris, from Pro Float Inc., joins Tom to discuss his journey into the Floatation Pod Industry. Pro Float Inc., is based in Vancouver, and they are doing a pre-sale of the pod, starting March 15th. Thank you to our sponsors, SFSalt.com and FloatationLocations.com.

#35: A New Man


Hardy joins Tom to talk about the changes in his life since his first float 14 months ago. Juice cleanse, job change, weight loss, AND quit drinking? Come hear how this transformation happened. Thank you to our sponsors, SFSalt.com and FloatationLocations.com.

#34: Tanked


Tom goes solo, and gives an update on The Float Place, some tank issues, lousy weather, and the flooring in his rooms. Brought to you by Floatationlocations.com and SfSalt.com.

#33: New Saltz


Joey and Grace from Mountain Float Spa talk about their journey into the world of floating. They recently opened, and have a few tips to share. Thank you to SFSalt.com for jumping on board as a sponsor, and as always thank you to FloatationLocations.com for their continued support.

Email us at [email protected]

#32: Internationally Known


Andy Zaremba, one of the founders of Float House and Co-Host of The Vancouver Real podcast, joins Tom to tell some of the story on how Float House became the biggest float center on Earth. Fantastic conversation! Shoutout to Jeremy from Escapepodtank.com and his bomb diggity ventilation system.

#31: East Coast is on the Rise!


Trevor and Matt, the founders of East Coast Float Spa in West Chester, PA, join me to talk about their new float center, which is opening on Friday 9/26. Custom rooms... Custom Teas... Sick massage chairs. Sounds to me like they have built a pretty awesome retreat. I may have to take a trip to PA.

#30: It’s All Positive


Matt hangs out with us after his first float. Was a quick 90+ minutes and a lot of things went down, but there is absolutely something still in there. Can’t wait to come back with friends.

Email me at [email protected]

#29: Portland Bound


Tom talks about his trip to Portland, OR, for the Float Conference. Great times had by everyone who attended. Email at [email protected]

#28: Jarrell’s First Float


Jarrell joins Tom to talk about his first experience in a float tank. Describing something as powerful as this can be difficult, but Jarrell does a great job. Looking forward to having him back in for a 2nd float.

#27: Shane Stott and The Float Tent


Shane Stott, founder of Zenfloatco.com, joins us to talk about his revolutionary float tent. This product has helped bring great awareness to the industry, and he is here to talk about the research, testing and planning that went into bringing this idea to reality. We also touch on the upcoming Float Conference in Portland, which is being hosted by some pretty awesome and knowledgeable people. Questions or comments can be sent to[email protected]

#26: Just Another Salty Monday


Kevin joins us via Skype to talk to us about his experience floating at Dream Float Spa, in Virginia Beach. It took me a while to get him to try floating, but he has gone back 3 times already. Hear how it has helped him deal with his injuries, and what he thinks it will do for his jiu-jitsu. Props to Dream Float Spa for taking care of our Service Members with Military Monday Discounts.

#25: That’s A Lot Of Irony


Mikey joins us after his float to talk about the experience that brought him in for his first float, how he feels now, and what he felt during his float. Few pieces of harsh language are spoken. Hoping not to offend.

Email questions or comments to [email protected]

#24: My Big Ass Head


Jay joins us to talk about his first time in a float tank here at The Float Place. Jay is heavy into CrossFit, and a fan of the JRE Podcast. To contact us, Email us at [email protected].

#23: “Everyone has a plan…”


Chris decided to join me on the podcast after his 5th float. We talk about how the experience gets better as you float more, the "mind dump" that ensues as soon as he hops in, and why you can solve problems in the tank. A Mike Tyson quote puts things in perspective. There is a bit of Explicit Language in this episode.

#22: Head to My Toes


Jeremy joins us and talks about his 4th float! Hear about how it has positively affected his daily life. Tom also gives some updates to some changes to his tank and filtration system.

Email us at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

#21: Enough of the Noise


Chris, joins Tom, to talk about his first time in a float tank. He had done his research, and knew what he wanted to get out of his float. It's been a long time coming! How did it go?

Email us at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

#20: Dan’s Second Float


Dan joins Tom after his second float to share some of his experience. We also learn some fun facts about Coconut Water, and hear about his trip to South America.

#19: Zero Gravity Institute


Kevin, from Zero Gravity Institute, joins Tom and talks about his long history with floating, working in one of the float centers and finding tanks wherever he could. 100 floats in 100 days is a fantastic way to start the new year! What is your earliest memory? I guarantee Kevin has one from a younger age. If you would like to float at the float place you can schedule a float at thefloatplace.com.

To email about the podcast: [email protected]

#18: Game of Groupon


Tom takes you to school on how Groupon works, talks about AMC's new show Game of Arms and getting a haircut with a bic lighter. Really. The dude broke out a Bic lighter.

#17: Corey Patrick Learns About My Maid


Corey returns for his 2nd float and talks about how he felt after this first float, the beautiful scenic view of the Southern State Parkway, and looking back at past awkward experiences. I don't really have a maid, by the way. 

#16: Get Onnit


Tom welcomes the CEO of Onnit.com, Aubrey Marcus, to talk about floating, and the Onnit product line. Taking a risk that you know will work?

#15: The BulletProof Float


Tom tries his luck doing live reads and talks about going to see Joe Rogan. Also, the reason why it's been so long since the last podcast and contemplates bugging his room like a KGB Agent to compensate for lack of material. Late night floaters and Bulletproof Coffee. You never know who is coming into your life.

#14: Float Nation!


Carl from Float Nation joins the FloatCast to tell us a little about the Float Documentary they filmed. They traveled around the country checking out different centers, tanks and floaters. What an awesome idea.

#13: Float On!


Graham and Ashkahn of FloatOn Skype into The Floatcast and tell some of the story of how they went from Duct Taped Tanks, to the Floating Hub of the U.S. ... With a busy center, the Float Convention as well as Float Tank Solutions, these are some busy guys! Worth a listen!

#12: Zen Float Co…..Yo!


The FloatCast welcomes on Shane Stott from ZenFloatCo.com to talk about how he first got into floating and his first tank build. Shane, has a new tank that he is getting ready to release for purchase soon and so told us a little bit about it. First time we had a guest Skype in and the audio sounds great. Email me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

#11: It’s like I Went From DVD to Blueray


Steve lives a fast paced club live as a popular MC in the NYC Club Scene. Listen to how his life has been affected by his time Floating.

We finally got a mixer and mic setup and the audio quality is much better! We can also now Skype guests in and already have a few lined up! If you operate a Float Center and want to come on The Floatcast Email me at [email protected]

#10: A Hardy Chat


Tom talks to Hardy about his 3rd and longest float. Everyone needs to float! Eyes open? Eyes closed? Huh? Bueller?

#9: The Second Time Around


Chris stops by to talk about his 2nd experience floating and Tom delivers some very big news for both The Float Place and the industry as a whole.

#8: …Next To Godliness


Tom goes solo and talks about keeping his tank, room and solution clean.

I can hear it already: "40 floats in and he's giving advice? Who is this guy think he is?"

This is just from my experience as Float Center Operator so far, my friends. Questions or comments: [email protected] 


#7: Jude’s Law


Jude stops by the Floatcast to talk about his experience at The Float Place. Email us at [email protected]

Stay Salty.

#6: German Shepard Salt


Tom talks about filling his tank, his first float in his tank and not buying a Porsche. Don't Drink and Float.

#5: Testimonial #1


Jackie and Rich talk to Tom about their first experience at The Float Place! Good reviews from good people!

#4: Hot 97


My heater works a little too well... but don't worry we'll get it in order.

#3: I Move My Filter Like A Boss


Updates on the progress of The Float Place, decisions we've made on materials and also adding filters. Still low sodium but not for long. Boston making progress and Connecticut making moves, or not moves rather.

Email at [email protected]

#2: Long Island Gets A Float Tank.


Tom gives updates on his progress and tells the tale of when he got his tank. (You’ll think he’s fibbing).

For more info or to come and float at The Float Place check out Thefloatplace.com or Email us at [email protected]

#1: Episode One


Tom talks about how he heard about floating, his first experience, and the float community as a whole. Business plans for nothing?


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